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Presentations EBM
Since 2004 CFCI has provided ongoing operational training and guidance that is seen as a pillar for moving forward with the transiton to full EBM Implementation. The links below provide access to the 2007 training materials provided to approximately 165 practitioners. Disclaimer - Presentation materials were generated prior to the legalization of the orders, practitioners and users should check the guidance provided against the current orders to ensure planning and field practices meet the current legal requirements.
2007 Training - Field Presentations

Projects EBM
Ecosystem-Based Management
CFCI 2006 Implementation Monitoring
Full Audit Report - February - 2007

During 2001-2004, in order to better inform those with an interest in the coastal temperate rainforests of British Columbia, the Joint Solutions Project and land use planning on the coast CFCI periodically produced a newsletter. You can download the newsletter here in PDF format.

Newsletter - June 2004
Newsletter - January 2003

Newsletter - April 2002
Newsletter - April 2001
Newsletter - February 2001


Press Releases 2000-2004
CFCI Press Releases

Joint Solutions Project Press Releases (CFCI Companies & Environmental Groups)

Environmental Group Press Releases


Customer Updates
The following advisories were provided to CFCI customers between 2001 and 2003.


Fact Sheets