The five businesses that are members of the Coast Forest Conservation Initiative (CFCI) are individually and jointly committed to the development and implementation of a conservation and ecosystem based management plan for a region of British Columbia (Canada's westernmost province) encompassing the Central Coast and North Coast, a region often referred to as the Great Bear Rainforest.

The five forest products producers are:

BC Timber Sales

BC Timber Sales is a Provincial Agency with the mandate to provide the cost and price benchmarks for timber harvested from public land in British Columbia. Please visit our website for specifics to how the program functions.

Sound forest management is a high priority for British Columbians and is central to the BCTS mandate.  Three of our timber sales offices (Strait of Georgia, Seaward, and Skeena) have a strong operational presence within the Great Bear Rainforest and are fully involved in ensuring we are delivering upon our commitments to implement EBM.  We continue to make significant gains towards achieving full EBM through our collaborative work with our partners in CFCI and RSP.  As a result our clients and customers can be assured that the products coming from this globally significant area are being managed in a sustainable manner.

Catalyst Paper Corporation

While Catalyst Paper Corporation is a uniquely positioned participant within the CFCI, the CFCI's collaborative and solutions-oriented approach fully aligns with our recognized leadership in stakeholder engagement and environmental improvement.

Catalyst manages no forests but we nevertheless have a direct interest in the environmental pedigree of fibre from coastal British Columbia, which remains our largest source of supply.  Catalyst is also well attuned to community and other local interests as an operator of several mills in the coastal region.

Many of our customers, whose brand equity is closely tied to sustainably sourced inputs, are keenly interested in the progress being made towards Ecosystem Based Management in the Great Bear Rainforest. And EBM is an important part of the foundation for environmentally preferred product offerings that we see as a vital competitive edge in the transforming paper market of today.


Howe Sound Pulp & Paper

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation is a leading manufacturer of pulp and paper that meets our customers' requirements for quality, reliability and environmental performance. Our Port Mellon mill on the coast of British Columbia has been in operation for over 100-years supplying products to customers worldwide.

For a decade we have been a partner in the Joint Solutions Project working to secure the ecological integrity of the globally significant Great Bear Rainforest and the wellbeing of the communities and people who depend on the region's natural resources for their livelihood.


Interfor Corporation

Interfor is one of the Pacific Northwest's largest producers of quality wood products. The Great Bear Rainforest (Central and North mainland coast) is an important source of supply for Interfor and we have focused considerable resources and attention on making sure that EBM works on the ground. Logs from the area are manufactured in our sawmills in Vancouver into quality wood products for world markets. We continue to work collaboratively with all parties including, First Nations, Government, other CFCI members and RSP to implement EBM in a way that delivers on the twin goals of ecological integrity and human well being which includes a viable forest industry in the Central and North Coast region of British Columbia.


Western Forest Products Inc.

Western Forest Products is the largest lumber producer on the BC Coast and supplies high quality products from a variety of species to global customers in four diverse market segments. Our commitment to environmental and community sustainability and to respectful relationships with the First Nations where we operate dates back decades and was an important building block in the creation of CFCI in 1999.

With more than 2000 employees, eight manufacturing plants, and geographically diverse timberlands operations WFP touches dozens of Coast communities. The Company and its people are proud to contribute to the Joint Solutions Project.